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Gepco Provides the Hook-up for Texas Church

Lakewood Church, a nondenominational church based in Houston, is reaching its members locally and abroad, through its selection of cabling from Gepco International.

Gepco, based in Des Plaines, Ill., installed its VDM2001 for SDI Digital, analog video and AES audio; VSD230 for SDI Digital, analog video and AES audio; VHD1100 for long SDI Digital and analog runs; 61801EZ for analog audio and time code; and 6600 for machine control or RS442 control.

In addition, the Church also implemented Gepco's HDR hybrid fiber distribution rack system, giving it additional fiber interconnections onsite, allowing the camera interconnect to run on separate fiber optic and electrical cable elements.

"With a leading edge house of worship such as Lakewood Church, it is imperative that they have audio and video infrastructure that can reach the large crowds who are in attendance both in the church and through telecast," said Scott Fehl, product development manager at Gepco.

Lakewood Church has more than 30,000 members in its congregation and reaches more than 200 million over its internationally televised broadcasts.