GE Healthcare approves white-space solution

General Electric’s Healthcare division has told the FCC that it is now satisfied with a technical solution to protect wireless medical telemetry services when using unlicensed white spaces in digital spectrum.

In a letter to the FCC, GE Healthcare said that channel-protection technology it proposed for healthcare devices “was sufficient … to protect licensed wireless medical telemetry service” on channel 37 from “proposed portable white-spaces devices” that would seek out adjacent channels to use.

GE said if the FCC allows wireless devices to operate it should limit the power output along the lines of a “masking” regime. The company indicated the solution would be adequate.

Interestingly, NBC, a division of GE — along with the NAB, and other broadcasters — has been fighting the FCC and its desire to allow unlicensed devices to operate in white spaces, fearing interference with DTV reception.