GatesAir Finishes Phase Two of Digital Rollout in Kuwait

CINCINNATI—Phase two of a three-part national plan to rollout the DVB-T2 digital TV network across Kuwait has been completed, according to GatesAir. Powered by GatesAir transmitters, DVB-T2 digital TV now covers approximately 80 percent of the country.

State broadcasters Kuwait Television selected GatesAir the first two phases with services that include systems training, field measurements, coverage studies and planning for single-frequency and multi-frequency networks. Phase two was comprised of deployment for the multi-frequency networks.

Both phases utilized the GatesAir Maxiva ULX liquid-cooled UHF transmitters. The transmitters’ liquid-cooling process feature two fully redundant cooling pumps with auto-changeover capability for consistent transmitter cooling. In addition, the PowerSmart 3D design has commonality in spare parts and a modular, hot-swappable design for module and power supply replacement.

The initial deployments support 12 DVB-T2 digital TV channels that cover the popular regions of Kuwait and include channels KTV1, KTV2 and KTV3.