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Garmin GPS Includes TV Tuner

The FCC requires certification of electronic devices that radiate signals, whether intentional or not. Devices cannot be marketed until after they receive FCC certification, but unless the manufacturer requests confidentiality the certification filings and grants are available for viewing through the FCC OET Laboratory Division Equipment Authorization System (EAS).

Web site reported Garmin's Nuvi 2575 GPS features TV tuner, video recording, wins FCC approval. According to the article, the nuvi 2575, which is not yet mentioned on the Garmin web site, “will be accompanied by an analog TV antenna for your mobile TV needs wherever you are, TMC FM traffic data support for real-time traffic updates, an optional Driving Recorder which will see a camera connected to the nuvi 2575, where it will go about recording live video when you drive:

I found the application on the FCC OET EAS web site. The manual does indeed say “Analogue TV”, even though all full power analog TV broadcasting ended almost two years ago! The test report submitted with the application doesn't mention TV reception, but the manual lists an “external TV antenna connector” and “Analogue television receiver” as well as instructions on how to receive TV on the device.

Purchasers of the Nuvi 2575 are likely to be disappointed when they are unable to receive any “analogue” TV stations. Perhaps Garmin should consider adding an ATSC Mobile DTV module to the device!