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Game Creek Outfits OB Units With Calrec Consoles

New Hampshire-based Game Creek Video recently purchased two Calrec Alpha 100 digital consoles for two digital OB units. The company plans to install the 72 fader, 130-channel consoles into new 53-foot units, both featuring 50-foot expanding sides. Each console is configured with 96 stereo and 34 mono inputs.

"One of the Alpha consoles is for 'Yankee Clipper,' which will be primarily assigned to the YES Network in New York and which carries the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets. The second console will be primarily assigned for use by ESPN," said Pat Sullivan, president of Game Creek. "When things change in our industry, they change very rapidly, and we need to be prepared. We would have happily chosen a pair of Calrec Q2 analog consoles, but we believe the digital consoles provide for future growth and flexibility as the world migrates toward high definition and digital audio."

Game Creek already uses two 120-input Calrec Q2 analog consoles and a 60-input S2 in its Intrepid, Southern Cross and Northstar trucks.