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FusionOne Content Developers Network joined by Sonic Boom, Bonfire Media, GoTV, MobiTV, Networks in Motion for uninterrupted subscriber access with changes of phone or service

In its drive to make changing devices and providers transparent to consumers, mobile backup supplier FusionOne has signed up several new partners as part of its Content Developers Network.

  • Sonic Boom — a leading developer and publisher of community-based, personalized games and applications for mobile and Web platforms
  • Bonfire Media — a provider of popular, easy-to-use wireless applications such as eBay Wireless and WikiMobile
  • GoTV Networks — a mobile media network that produces content and develops technology for mobile and broadband platforms
  • MobiTV — a provider of content delivery solutions for the mobile and broadband industry
  • Networks In Motion — an award-winning wireless navigation and local search company with products on most major wireless carriers

FusionOne's flagship Mighty Backup system lets subscribers change phones without having to repurchase and redownload applications. By simplifying the migration of licensed content from one mobile phone to another, the system lets content providers preserve and extend existing relationships with subscribers independently of the subscriber's mobile device.

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