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Fujinon Lenses Used in Shooting 'A Prairie Home Companion'

Director Robert Altman used Fujinon high definition lenses exclusively in producing his new feature film, "A Prairie Home Companion."

A major factor in the selection of the lenses was Altman's shooting style. The production is a mixture of live performance camera work and dramatic theatrical cinematography. According to the film's HD engineer, Ryan Sheridan, the lenses allowed the capture of extreme close-ups to extreme wide shots with just two lenses. Another selection factor was the minimized flare associated with the Fujinon lenses.

"Because of the low-flare characteristics of the lenses, we had a lot of shots that were looking directly into the lights that didn't flare or wash out the image," said Sheridan.

Anticipated release date for the production is June 9, 2006. It will be distributed by Picturehouse.