Fujinon HD lenses capture syndicated wildlife show

Buck McNeely, an avid outdoorsman and TV producer, is using Fujinon lenses on his internationally syndicated HDTV adventure series, “The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely.”

Since October, the show has been capturing its images in HD using Fujinon’s HA25x11.5BERD HD ENG-style lens and HA22x7.8BERD HD ENG-style zoom lens.

For 21 years, the weekly adventure series has presented the sporting lifestyle in exotic locations and captured wildlife in its natural habitat. The production used Fujinon lenses long before switching to HD last year.

The HA25X11.5BERD HD ENG-style lens’ telephoto capability and lightweight offers the ability to capture high-resolution images from previously unreachable, remote locations. Weighing 6.2lbs, the lens needs no additional support. It can also be used for gyro-stabilized platforms in aircraft.

Fujinon said the quick zoom feature provides zooming in 0.6 seconds from wide-end to telephoto. A push of the cruise zoom switch while zooming will fix the zooming speed at the existing rate. Once it is fixed, the speed will remain constant throughout the zoom range.

Zoom and focus can be preset and memorized in advance at a selected shot. One touch of the switch during shooting will instantly return to the memorized position. The maximum zoom speed can be selected in seven precise steps allowing the operator to fine-tune the zoom speed.

For more information, visit FujinonBroadcast.com.