Frontline Ka/Ku-Band Dual Feed Satellite Antenna Passes Test

CLEARWATER, FLA.—Frontline Communications has announced that its automatic Ka/Ku-band dual feed satellite antenna system has passed initial field testing and has been approved for use on the ViaSat network. It is now pending final approval from the FCC.

The satellite antenna allows dual-band capability on the ViaSat network, which allows users to swith from Ka-band to Ku-band with a single switch function on the antenna controller from inside the vehicle. Users can select either IP delivery using the ViaSat Ka-band service or legacy DVBS delivery via their existing infrastructure. The antenna system includes a 1.2m reflector and AvL’s AAQ antenna controller, which utilizes an automatic slide mechanism to position the feed.

Frontline Communications, an Oshkosh Corporation company, is a manufacturer of broadcast and communications vehicles.