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Fresno State University Gets Set for New Season With RF Central Links

Fresno State University's football team will begin its 2008 season with an enhancement provided by RF Central.

Two of the company's NLL-II portable digital microwave links are slated for use in helping to capture video at the games, including fan reaction shots, shots of players and cheerleader routines, which will be displayed on the school stadium's Jumbotron. The microwave systems will make all of this easier by eliminating cables normally required for cameras located around the playing surface.

"We did some tests over the last two years with different systems and found various issues with each unit, some had programming problems while others involved complex set-up," said Todd Bowen, coordinator of video service for FSU's Athletics. "The NLL-II's are the ideal choice for our needs. We receive complete reception throughout the whole stadium just by plugging them in and turning them on."

The school's athletics department plans to keep the NLL-IIs operating long after the last pass is completed in the football season; the links are also slated for use in other coverage including basketball, softball and baseball. Coverage of these events will be carried on the FSU television system, the Bulldog Sports Network (BSN).