Frequency Adds Interra Systems ORION, ORION-OTT For Monitoring

Interra Systems
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CUPERTINO, Calif.—Frequency, a provider of linear video channel cloud origination services, has deployed Interra Systems' ORION and ORION-OTT systems in an AWS cloud environment.

By using the end-to-end, cloud-based systems, Frequency can monitor TSoIP contribution feeds while assuring audio-video quality and stability across its network of hundreds of FAST channels.

"As a provider of cloud-based linear video solutions, Frequency needed a next-generation monitoring platform that was comprehensive, scalable, and had efficient troubleshooting tools," said James Miller, vice president of operations at Frequency. "Interra Systems' ORION and ORION-OTT will allow us to monitor both IP and OTT streams on the cloud, an essential requirement for us, and enable us to keep a strict eye on the quality and stability of each stream delivered, verifying ad marker quality and precision in real time.”

“We are impressed by how well Interra's engineering and support team worked with us to put together a great monitoring solution for Frequency and our customers," said Miller.

ORION monitors IP infrastructures in real time, looking at all aspects of video streams, which allows Frequency to deliver error-free, superior-quality video. With ORION and ORION-OTT, Frequency will have a unified, consistent monitoring platform for checking QoS, QoE and ad insertion verification monitoring, including STCE-35 cue message and post-insertion verification for regulatory compliance, the company said.

ORION monitors hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform, providing Frequency with a single point of visibility and access to important information, such as status, alerts, alarms, visible impairments, error reports and triggered captures. ORION and ORION-OTT's quality checking includes macroblocking, freeze and black frames. The audio quality checks include loudness, silence and levels and support all popular audio formats, including Dolby, it said.

Frequency also uses ORION-OTT to verify QoS and QoE for ABR videos. It checks for inconsistencies related to ABR package compliance, manifest and playlist syntax, download errors and content quality, the company said.

More information is available on the Interra Systems’ website (opens in new tab)

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