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France's NRJ Group consolidates SD/HD ingest, playout with Omneon infrastructure

The NRJ Group has completed installation of an Omneon video server infrastructure that supports file-based SD/HD broadcast operations, from ingest through playout, at the media group's Paris facilities.

The Omneon server infrastructure supports operations for three SD channels and the newly launched NRJ 12 in HD, and it also provides an easily extensible platform for future playout of NRJ Hits in HD. Two MediaDeck systems support SD/HD ingest and QC prior to playout. Content is transferred to a nearline storage server and then transmitted to the appropriate Omneon Spectrum system for playout. One Omneon Spectrum system supports HD ingest and provides main and backup playout of NRJ 12 in SD and HD, and a second provides main and backup playout for NRJ Hits and NRJ Paris in SD.