Fox News Media Previews 3D, Virtual Tech for Election Coverage

(Image credit: Fox News Channel)

NEW YORK—Fox News Media plans to go big with its election day coverage on Nov. 3, previewing immersive 3D graphics and enhanced studio technology that are designed to provide linear and digital viewers comprehensive coverage into the election process.

Fox News Channel’s flagship broadcast space, Studio F, is the home of Brett Baier’s “Special Report” and Martha MacCallum’s “The Story,” both of which will use real-time 3D graphics and visual effects to create a digitally-constructed White House as the set’s backdrop for presenting information on various races and other developments from FNC’s live coverage.

Graphics have also been created to visually breakdown the races in the House and Senate, including the “Balance of Power” and “Net Gain” indicators that will illustrate turnovers of Democrat and Republican held seats. The network’s Presidential Race Scoreboard, National Popular Vote and Electoral Vote count will be visually represented on the virtual set and special effects technology in Studio F. The studios’ video chandelier, which features 528-square-feet of high-resolution graphics around its 14-foot diameter, will work in tandem with the space’s video floor to display digital effects showcasing election information and graphics.

Returning for Fox News’ election coverage is Bill Hemmer’s “Bill-Board,” which provides viewers an interactive presentation platform. New capabilities provided for the 2020 election will provide a dynamic view into all election data, census data and historical data to follow different races.

Fox News Digital’s coverage will serve as a complement to the network’s linear coverage. There will be user tools that offer state-by-state visual representation of the vote, giving users the ability to zoom in on maps or look up specific data on current or past races. A “dial” page will be available to track the predictability and probability of the presidential, Senate and House races. The website will also provide a pop-out video player option for users to continue watching the channel while browsing the site. Personalization features to follow specific races and a real-time ticker at the bottom of the screen will also be available.

On the Fox News Mobile App, real-time data and developments will be provided for up-to-the minute election news, results and information. Users can also follow live update pages throughout the day as races are called and reactions come in.