Four Spanish broadcasters rely on wTVision for election graphics

Real-time broadcast graphics software developer, integrator and graphics house wTVision took on four graphics projects for the Nov. 20 general elections in Spain.

TV Galicia, Aragón TV, La Sexta and 8TV presented election coverage to their viewers using a variety of technologies and visuals supplied by wTVision, including full-screen graphics, tickers, virtual sets and augmented reality.

The TV Galicia project was based in augmented reality that together with full-screen graphics and ticker allowed the election results to be portrayed in several formats. The graphics, which showed through augmented reality, were created using an ORAD platform.

Aragón TV chose a virtual set for its election night coverage as well as full-screen graphics and tickers. For this, wTVision integrated technology from Brainstorm to display the virtual scenery, VIZRT for the full-screen graphics and INCA to play the election ticker. WTVision also provided graphics design services.

La Sexta and 8TV used a complete graphics system, presenting information, such as the winners and vote percentages obtained by each party, with on-air graphics developed using an ORAD platform.

A new feature introduced in these projects was the installation of a central data processing facility at wTVision's headquarters that ensured system reliability and flawless transmission.

All of the projects included the use of wTVision's Elections CG software platform, a customizable program that handles all of the prime functions required for coverage of television election coverage.