Four in 10 Americans would visit in-laws if it meant watching Super Bowl in HD

How badly did Americans want to watch the Super Bowl in HDTV? For more than four out of 10, bad enough to visit the in-laws if they watched the game in HD, according to a survey sponsored by Samsung Electronics America.

According to the survey, there is common agreement that the best place to watch the game is at home when there is an HDTV in place. If not, however, 43 percent of football fans said they were more likely to visit their in-laws if they had an HDTV to watch the game. Among this group, men were more likely than women to visit the in-laws if there were an HDTV waiting for them (50 percent vs. 34 percent).

Samsung released the survey results Jan. 28, five days before the game. The findings also revealed 81 percent of football fans said that TV picture quality was more important than food while watching football on television. With TV size and HD capability as the most important features considered in viewing football on TV, HDTV comes out as the No. 1 accessory for any football fan.

The survey was conducted by Kelton Research among a nationally representative sample of 1011 Americans, male and female, ages 18 and older.

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