For-A Converter Used to Send Super Bowl XLII Abroad

TV2GO Inc., an international video production and satellite transmission company, uplinked broadcasts of Super Bowl XLII to Europe and Asia with the aid of a For-A FRC-7000 frame rate converter.

A total of 14 foreign broadcasters took the TV2GO feed as a primary program source, with the BBC and Japan’s FujiTV receiving it as a backup to their direct fiber from the Arizona game venue.

“Foreign appetite for North American sports events is growing by leaps and bounds,” said TV2GO Partner Lawrence Partington. “We transmitted the Super Bowl last year with For-A’s FRC-7000 to three European broadcasters. I attribute the jump this year to 14 in part to the FRC-7000’s proven ability to send such high quality HD live sports programming with ease.”

The FRC-7000 employs motion compensation processing by motion vectors for conversion of television field frequencies, and enables conversions between differing HD frame rates.