Florida Station Gets Microwave Makeover for BAS

Jacksonville, Fla., Fox affiliate WAWS is now BAS-relocation compliant, thanks to a little help from friends at RF Central.

The station took advantage of RF Central’s on-site integration services in replacing three transmitters and two receivers and a remote control system to comply with the nationwide BAS relocation plan.

“RF Central’s proficiency and professionalism was remarkable,” said Joe Brown, news system engineer at WAWS. “While it manufactures its own microwave equipment, its team is highly skilled and knowledgeable on working with other manufacturer’s equipment. In addition, RF Central is the [only] company I know of that is able to offer loner trucks while on location working on live truck microwave integration, which was vital for keeping Fox 30’s day-to-day productions and broadcasts seamless throughout the entire process.”

The BAS microwave transition was achieved over a seven-day period, employing three RF Central technicians. It involved not only a transmitter/receiver/control swap, but also a replacement of the “Nycoil,” or protective sleeve used to protect cables associated with the pneumatic mast on two of the station’s remote trucks.