Florical Systems to show several new automation products

Florical Systems will exhibit several new products at NAB2004 including:

Auto JIP

  • Auto JIP: Automated join in progress, making it nearly effortless to join a program already in progress after a live sporting event has run longer than expected, or at the end of a breaking news event.
  • MediaTrans Plus: An MPEG-4 video streamer providing economical delivery of video and audio signals between two locations using MPEG-4 technology.
  • MediaTimer Desktop: Provides desktop timing of programs with enhancements including desktop viewing of programs stored on a high-resolution video server.
  • FlipStation: Florical automation products and Telestream's Flip Factory now work together to enhance the delivery workflow by providing unattended transcoding and transfer of video files from edge servers.

For more information visit booth SU11017or go to www.florical.com.

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