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First Android HDTVs Set to Debut in September

STORA HÖGA, SWEDEN: Scandinavian electronics maker People of Lava are showing what could be the first TV sets powered by Google’s Android operating system. The PoL are calling it “Scandinavia Television” and showing 42-, 47- and 55-inch models. The sets will come pre-loaded with weather, time and calendar applications, an Internet browser--presumably Google’s Chrome--and custom free downloadable interfaces for YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter and other sites.

Specs list PAL/SECAM and DVB-T decoding, but not ATSC, though PoL says all specs are “subject to change without notice.” Other features include 1920x1080 resolution, backlight LED display, wireless keyboard and all the latest connection types. PoL doesn’t list price or release date, though Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Nick Eaton says the 42-incher is scheduled for a September release in Europe, with the two larger sets to follow.

No Android-powered TVs compatible with ATSC--the U.S. DTV transmission format--have been announced, though development rumors are in the wind. The New York Times reported last month that Google, Intel and Sony were working together on an Android TV platform. The Wall Street Journal also reported last month that Google and Dish Network were working on an Android project, though that would likely involve set-top boxes rather than TV sets. -- Deborah D. McAdams

: Panasonic Nixes Android Addition
The so-called “Google TV” initiative has yet to be confirmed by the players, though subsequent reports have Panasonic and Samsung turning it down. 

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Google, Intel and Sony are developing Google TV, an Internet-connected television platform based on its Android operating system.

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