Finland's MTV Media Taps Seachange

SeaChange International has delivered the foundation for MTV Media's new standard-definition channels, while also equipping the operator to easily make the transition to high-definition playout.

Based in Helsinki and owned by Bonnier Broadcasting & Entertainment, MTV Media draws Finland's largest television audiences with its own original and other domestic productions, as well as American and European imports. Its new pay channels include MTV3 AVA, which delivers programming for women; MTV3 SciFi; and MTV3 Sarja, which airs classic series. With the new channels, MTV Media is now airing seven pay channels on cable and satellite platforms in addition to two over-the-air channels through its MTV Oy operation, while also providing origination services for Finnish Sports Channel.

The collaboration of MTV Media and SeaChange began in earnest in 1998 when the broadcaster first deployed the Broadcast MediaCluster play-to-air system. MTV Media's operations now include the BML24000ex with HD-ready MediaClient codecs, which increase its channel origination capacity and establish a foundation for moving to HD broadcasting. Its existing Broadcast MediaCluster is being repurposed to operate in conjunction with two other Broadcast MediaCluster systems to deliver additional commercial playout capabilities.

"SeaChange is much more than just a server provider to MTV Media. They have remained focused on improving broadcast operations and have been a close strategic partner during our times of heavy growth and competition," said Antero Hoffman, Vice President, Technical Operations, MTV Media. "We believe the MediaLibrary/MediaClient platform truly reflects their years of experience in operations like ours."

"SeaChange has a decade long record for ensuring reliability and savings at MTV Media, culminating in making us the natural choice for the push into high definition broadcasting," said Marcello Dellapiane, vice president of sales, SeaChange EMEA.