File-based newsroom workflow eases tvOne format transition

Jakarta, Indonesia-based news and sports station tvOne has installed a Dalet News Suite to support its transition to a 24/7 news and sports format.

In February, the station switched formats and has increased the number of viewers by covering late-breaking news and popular events. To support the new direction in programming, station management added journalists and sports personalities as well as transitioned the station’s entire production and playout to a digital infrastructure with Dalet News Suite. The new file-based Dalet workflow supports the fast-paced news production required for tvOne to meet its 24/7 requirements.

Journalists at tvOne use the Dalet News Suite to write stories, preview, select and edit video and record voiceovers at their desks, said Ferry Aryanto, tvOne IT manager. Producers use the suite to update rundowns continually, he added.

The tvOne facility is equipped with more than 30 Dalet workstations connected via GigE with a 10TB NetApp device for production storage. Six Dalet ingest workstations handle incoming video feeds as well as ingest from Panasonic P2 cameras used in field reporting.

Other Dalet workstations are used for rundown management, writing text and video production. The majority of the daily news video editing is done on the desktop with Dalet MediaCutter. For the more advanced, promotional editing, Dalet supports exchange with Apple Final Cut Pro systems.

Native integration with an Omenon Spectrum MediaDeck enables precise control over production playout. Dalet also integrates with the teleprompter and Orad graphics system as well as the station’s XenData archive system.

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