Fiber broadband costumers register high demand for HDTV, other devices

The demand for high-definition televisions, wireless equipment, computers and other consumer devices is growing as a result of fiber optic broadband service now becoming available in the United States, according to a new survey.

The new data from research by RVA Market Research shows 15 percent of consumers with a direct fiber-optic connection indicated they had purchased an HD television specifically to take advantage of programming available on their high-capacity fiber connection. Others reported purchases of wireless networking equipment, computers, inside home wiring and cameras.

Based on recent consumer surveys, 80 percent of those with direct fiber connections (and 78 percent of broadband users in general) say they would be interested in one or more futuristic applications, with over half saying they were interested in five or more of the new applications reviewed.

Average interest was highest for information/communications applications and advanced entertainment options, followed closely by lifestyle applications, including face-to-face interaction with doctors and nurses from home.

The new study noted that more than 4 million U.S. homes now have access to a direct fiber connection, with millions of additional homes being passed with fiber every year.

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