FCC's Experimental Licenses - May 29, 2009

Raytheon has received experimental FCC licenses necessary “to design, integrate, test and demonstrate the capabilities of a see-through wall radar system.” They cover operation in frequency bands between 500 and 1900 MHz and were granted for mobile operation in McKinney, Texas (WE2XTK) and in Santa Barbara, Calif. (WE2XTL).

Other interesting licenses in the FCC's List of Experimental Applications granted from 1/1/2009 to 3/1/09 include WE2XWW, which authorizes use of frequencies between 450 MHz and 925 MHz for research and development of a radio network Tactical Warfare Network Node TWNN in Wayne and Fort Dix, N.J.. There were also several grants to Boeing, including one that allows operation between 2357 MHz and 2495 MHz, overlapping part of the 2.5 GHz ENG band. The stated purpose is for testing a video downlink using a transmitter on an aircraft as high as 10,000 feet above Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif.

Refer to the complete list for other license grants for purposes ranging from propagation tests in the 135.7 – 138 kHz and 166 - 166.5 kHz bands to one issued to Boeing for operation in 75 GHz to 105 GHz spectrum to “analyze a high power collimated MM-wave beam.”