FCC wants more information on Comcast-NBCU merger

For the second time, the FCC has put up roadblocks on the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal merger. The commission said the two companies did not follow directions and sent incomplete answers to a request for questions last May, so it wants more information.

FCC Media Bureau Chief Bill Lake said, “We have directed NBCU to review, revise and supplement its responses and associated materials, as necessary, to correct these and any other deficiencies that it uncovers as a result of this review, and submit those responses and associated materials, as so revised and supplemented.“

The FCC's questions sought information on a host of issues from organizational structure and channel lineups to copies of programming agreements and discussions of deliberations in making content available online.

The FCC's review began March 18 and was supposed to last 180 days. On June 24, the commission halted the review process at day 50, telling the two companies that the deal will remain stalled until they properly reply to the questions.

Comcast said it will resubmit the information as soon as possible.