FCC to require MVPD to file EEO form via Web

The FCC Media Bureau has issued a public notice mandating that multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD) file their FCC 396-C EEO program annual report electronically.

Filing electronically began Sept. 23 and will conclude at midnight on Oct. 15. To file electronically, visit www.fcc.gov/mb.

Paper versions of the form will not be accepted after Sept. 23 unless they are accompanied by a request to waive the electronic filing requirement.

Some filers chosen at random will be required to complete a “supplemental investigation sheet” (SIS) after completing the FCC 396-C form. Filers should take note of a checked box on page one of FCC 396-C form next to the words “Supplemental Investigation Sheet attached.” If present, a completed SIS is required. Those required to fill out the SIS attachment must provide job descriptions for the technician category and that questions one, three and five be answered.

For more information, please visit: www.fcc.gov/mb.

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