FCC releases count of broadcast licensees

A total of 30,375 broadcast stations are licensed for operation in the United States as of March 31, 2012, according to a new tally from the FCC.

Of the total, there are 1783 full-power commercial and educational television licensees. Of those, 1028 are commercial UHF channels; 359 are commercial VHF broadcasters; 289 are UHF education stations; and 107 are VHF educational television channels.

The FCC tally also reveals the number of Class-A and LPTV stations. Of the Class-A stations, 412 are UHF broadcasters and 67 are VHF stations — a total of 479. The count of low-power UHF channels totals 1591, and that of VHF LPTV stations is 410, or a total of 2001.

The count also reveals that the number of TV translators totals 4156, of which 2965 are UHF translators and 1191 are VHF translators. The remaining broadcast licensees operate radio stations.