FCC Provides Handy Access to Spectrum Proceeding Info

Keeping track of the FCC's plans to reallocate spectrum and open up new uses for shared spectrum can get complicated, with multiple proceedings sometimes affecting the same spectrum. The FCC's Spectrum Policy Task Force (SPTF) Web site now has a link to a Proceedings and Initiatives page that lists the various proceedings and initiatives along with link to a list of comments filed in the proceeded and any related information.

For example, clicking on the Docket number MB 03-15 next to the listing for "DTV 2nd Periodic Review" gives a listing of all the comments filed in the proceeding.

In addition to the DTV 2nd Period Review, the page also has links to comments and information on Broadband Over Power Line, unlicensed devices on TV channels, Interference Immunity for Radio Receivers, and LPTV, TV Translator, Booster Stations and Digital Class A Stations (Docket 03-184). There are also links to numerous proceedings affecting the broadcast auxiliary service bands. The SPTF Proceedings and Initiatives page is a handy tool for finding out what's happening with the spectrum - from HF through microwave and beyond.