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FCC Proposes 2006 Regulatory Fees

Last week the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking listing proposed regulatory fees for 2006. The proposed regulatory fee for commercial VHF stations in the top 10 markets increased just over one percent from $61,975 in 2005 to $62,675.

UHF stations in markets 51-100 would pay $6,350 under the schedule in the NPRM, up 3.7 percent from $6,125 in 2005. The fee for broadcast auxiliary stations is the same as for 2005, $10 per license.

Satellite earth stations (transmit) would pay $205 under the 2006 proposal, the same amount charged in 2005.

The proposed 2006 fee for geostationary space station licenses is $107,825 per operational station, down from $111,925 in 2005.

For a complete listing of all the proposed fees as well as 2005 fees, refer to the FCC Notice FCC 06-38.