FCC Moves on DTV Channel Selection

The FCC released its Round One channel election results this week. Round One was open to stations that had at least one in-core (2-51) channel.

Of the more than 1,700 stations filing for a final DTV channel, 1,628 requested their existing analog or digital assignment. Another 50 stations elected to wait for Round Two, which is designated for stations that had two out-of-core channels and hoped to snag an in-core assignment from Round One leftovers.

A total of 62 stations participated in 37 Negotiated Channel Arrangements (NCA), in which stations within a market could work out a swap, as long as every potentially effected station agreed.

The FCC Media Bureau approved 25 NCAs and rejected 12. The stations that got turned down will be reverted to their alternate channel elections considered during the general Round One conflict analysis.

The FCC also sent conflict letters to about 155 stations that elected their NTSC channel, which FCC engineering analysis determined would result in impermissible interference. Those stations were given 60 days to inform the FCC how they will resolve interference.

Round Two commences in September, with the third round scheduled for next February.