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FCC: January Open Meeting On Regardless of Shutdown

WASHINGTON—The FCC announced today that it will hold its monthly Open Meeting on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019 at 11:00 a.m., 30 minutes later than previously announced.

The meeting will only address FCC announcements made this month. Due to the partial government shutdown, the commission will not address items previously announced in its Jan. 3 Tentative Agenda. Those items included sunsetting certain outdated regulations regarding the DTV transition and enhancing wireless emergency alerts.

If the federal government has re-opened by Jan. 30, the meeting will commence in the FCC Headquarters. It the government is still shut down, the commission will hold its meeting via conference call. Meeting participants can listen to the “audio only” of the meeting by calling 1-866-233-3841 and using pass code 463377. Call-in capacity may be limited depending on the volume of calls. Callers may call the toll-free number up to ten minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Either way, the meeting will only consist of FCC announcements, the commission said.