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FCC issues NOI on media ownership rules

The FCC released a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) May 25 seeking input on various issues as part of its quadrennial review of media ownership rules.

The notice begins the process of reexamining existing rules to see if they help the FCC attain its goals for competition, localism and diversity. The FCC will use the NOI as it reviews its media ownership rules to help refine the scope of the proceeding.

In the notice, the commission seeks input on:

  • Whether current rules continue to foster competition, localism and diversity;
  • How to define, measure and promote competition, localism, and diversity and how ownership structure affects these goals; and
  • How to weigh the various public interest goals if they conflict with each other.

The NOI also asks whether and how to use bright line rules. It also seeks comment on the costs and benefits of outlet-specific rules compared to rules that apply to all media and how the FCC’s National Broadband Plan may bear on its review.