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FCC Grants Microsoft White Space Licenses

WASHINGTON: Microsoft devices had some problems during the FCC TV band device testing last year. Microsoft now has a license--WF2XBT--to use 174-216 MHz (TV Chs. 7-13), 512-608 GHz (TV Chs. 21-36) and 614-698 MHz (TV Chs. 38-51) “to conduct research and experimentation regarding use of the television broadcast bands (the white spaces).” Operation will be fixed and mobile in Redmond, Wash.

Other items of interest in the FCC’s list of experimental license grants from July 1 to Sept. 1, 2009, include issuance of license WE2XWI to Robinson Helicopter for operations in the 1,990-2,025 MHz, 2,450-2,483.5 MHz, 6,425-6,525 MHz and 6,875-7,125 MHz bands for testing transmitters, power amplifier combinations and antennas in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. These frequency bands are also used for broadcast newsgathering, as well as studio-transmitter and intercity relay microwave links. Another grant of interest to broadcasters was a license to Daytime Programming Temps for use of 512-548 MHz (TV Chs. 21-26) for “Spectrum Access Testing” fixed and mobile in Wilmington, N.C.

The other grants that allow use of broadcast or broadcast auxiliary spectrum are primarily for antenna and RF immunity testing. -- from Doug Lung’sRF Report

(Image by Johnny Grim)