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FCC Fines Calif. Stations for Violating RF Exposure Limits

The FCC released a Forfeiture Order imposing penalties of $10,000 each against the licensees of FM radio stations KKBT and KRTH-FM and TV station KWHY-TV for violating maximum RF exposure limit rules. All of the stations operate from towers near the post office at Mount Wilson, Calif. and the excessive RF levels were measured on a driveway near the post office.

In the Forfeiture Order, the FCC said that while measurement uncertainty could have resulted in different percentages of contribution by the stations--according to its analysis--in every case the percentage contribution would have been above the 5 percent amount that exempts stations from considering the impact of other stations on the RF levels at a site. It also rejected arguments that OET-65 calculations showed contributions of less than 5 percent, noting that at sites where there are other RF sources variables such as reflection and re-radiation have to be considered. The FCC stated, "predictions of RF fields may not be possible, and a measurement survey may be necessary..."

For more information, see the FCC News Release announcing the forfeitures and the Forfeiture Order.