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FCC finds no objection to MVPDs bulk billing, exclusive marketing agreements

The FCC adopted a Second Report and Order this week finding no objection to bulk billing by Multichannel Video Program Distributors (MPVDs) and declined to prohibit MVPDs from using exclusive marketing arrangements.

In its Second Report and Order, adopted March 1 and released the following day, the commission decided not to prohibit MVPDs from bulk billing Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) buildings for service. In doing so, the commission said bulk billing doesn’t “hinder significantly, much less prevent, a second video service provider from serving residents in the MDU.”

Citing the record in the matter, the FCC found bulk mailing benefits consumers by reducing rates, promoting greater efficiency and enhancing the deployment of broadband.

The commission also declined disallowing exclusive marketing arrangements because it said it could not conclude that they impede or prevent MVPDs from servicing MDU residents.