FCC Extends Comment Deadline for 700 MHz NPRM

The FCC received several requests to extend the deadline for submitting comments and reply comments in response to its Notice of Proposed Rule Making, Fourth Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding service and licensing rules affecting auctioned and unauctioned spectrum in the 700 MHz band. In response to the requests, the commission adopted an order (DA 06-1880) last week to extend the comment deadline to Sept. 29, 2006 but did not change the Oct. 20, 2006 deadline for filing reply comments.

The FCC said that the nine day extension was warranted because it will "facilitate the development of a complete record on the various issues on which the Commission sought comment, including any need for additional small geographic service areas licenses in the 700 MHz Band."

See "FCC Considers Channel 51 Interference Issues in 700 MHz NPRM" in RF Report for August 17 for details on the NPRM.