FCC Experimental Actions

The FCC list of experimental license grants provides a glimpse of new RF technology under development and possible sources of interference to existing operations. The list of experimental licenses granted between 9/1/03 and 11/1/03 has a few items of special interest.

The University of Washington was granted a license for "test and development of 4G technology" in the 698-704 MHz (TV channel 52) and 704-710 MHz (TV channel 53) bands in Seattle, Washington. While the FCC CDBS does not show any TV stations on channel 52 in Seattle, Seattle LPTV station K68DL, Three Angeles Broadcasting Network, has a CP to move to channel 53.

In the interesting technology area, Systems Research and Applications Corporation was granted a license to operate on 2415 MHz "for test, development and demonstration of unmanned aerial vehicles for traffic management." This license authorized mobile operation in the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.