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FCC Ends Freeze on Broadcast CP Applications

The FCC has ended the freeze on applications for construction permits for commercial broadcast stations, applications for consent to assignment of broadcast CPs or licenses and applications to consent to transfer control of the entity holding a broadcast station construction permit or license, effective August 14, 2003. The freeze was put in place while the FCC was modifying the media ownership rules, which the commission adopted in June.

As a result of the changes, the FCC had to modify FCC Forms 301, 314, and 315 and obtain Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval for the forms as well as information collection requirements associated with amendments to pending applications to demonstrate compliance with the new rules. That approval has been obtained and the new forms are now available through the FCC Media Bureau's Consolidated Database System (CDBS) at All applications using these forms must be filed electronically and all previous editions of FCC Forms 301, 314 and 315 are now obsolete and may not be used.

More information is available in the FCC Public Notice DA 03-2642