FCC Demos New ULS Online Filing Interface

The FCC has completed phase one of its redesign of the Universal Licensing System (ULS) online filing software. The new filing environment, called the "ULS License Manager," uses a question and answer format to guide applicants through completing the main part of Form 601 (renewal, cancel, withdrawal, duplicate and administrative update purposes only) and Form 605 (all application purposes). It allows customers to submit filings without the need to remember application "purposes" and allows different types of filings to be made simultaneously.

There has been no change, however, to the data required on Forms 601 and 605. Once the FCC has determined the final deployment date for the new software, they will issue a Public Notice with technical information about the system and the changeover to the new interface.

The FCC will conduct a demonstration of the new software at the Portals II building at 445 Twelfth Street, S.W. on Dec 4, 2003 from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. If you are interested in attending the demonstration, please refer to the FCC Public Notice for meeting room and registration information.