FCC Certifies Adaptrum Technology With Google TV White Space Database

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Adaptrum announced that Federal Communications Commission has certified its ACRS 1.0 TV white space solution with the Google TV white space database. Adaptrum said its ACRS 1.0 is the first radio solution certified with Google’s database.

TV white spaces are unused TV channels between the active broadcast TV channels. In the United States, the TV white spaces were opened up for unlicensed broadband access through the FCC’s television band device rulemaking, completed in 2010. Adaptrum said it has worked with Google’s spectrum database team to implement the required TV band device-and-database interface and went through FCC testing leading to the certification of ACRS 1.0 with Google’s database. Adaptrum ACRS 1.0 radio solution is also certified with the Telcordia (now Iconectiv) TV white space database.

The first deployment using the FCC-certified Adaptrum ACRS 1.0 devices with the FCC-certified Google TV white space database is live on the campus of West Virginia University to provide public WiFi service. The WVU deployment is a pilot project under the AIR.U initiative founded by New America Foundation, Declaration Networks Group, LLC, the Gig.U, Google and Microsoft to demonstrate the real-world potential of TV white space technology to deliver broadband coverage and capacity to rural areas. The WVU white space network is managed by the AIR.U co-founder Declarations Networks Group, LLC and is being expanded to additional applications and areas of the WVU campus.