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FCC Approves Telcordia Technologies White Space Databasing

The FCC issued a Public Notice announcing approval of Telcordia Technologies TV Bands Database System on Monday.

While the FCC has granted approval for Telcordia to operate its TV bands database system to provide service to the public, OET stated it is "is not providing authorization for Telcordia to begin providing service to TV bands devices until the Commission completes and activates its system for approving registrations to protect wireless microphone use at large event/performance venues."

The Public Notice said, "OET may, however, authorize operations by the Telcordia database to serve one or more localized areas prior to the activation of this unlicensed wireless microphone venues registration system where Telcordia coordinates with local officials and other stakeholders to ensure that appropriate protection is provided for any such venues."

The FCC appeared to invite such limited operation by saying that the OET "states that it will consider favorably a request from Telcordia to provide immediate service from its database system in a limited geographic area." And that for such areas, it would "accept and process any requests for registration of venues where large numbers of unlicensed microphones might be used and then direct Telcordia to create a registration record for the venue." Additionally, the Commission stated that OET would notify Telcordia when the unlicensed wireless microphone registration system was completed, "and inform it of the date on which it may begin providing service to TV bands devices."

The only other approved database provider is Spectrum Bridge. As reported elsewhere in this week's RF Report, two companies have joined to offer the first commercial wireless system to use TV white space spectrum in the United States.