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FCC Approves Sprint-Nextel Merger

The FCC issued a news release announcing approval of Sprint's acquisition of Nextel. The news release mentioned the 1.9 GHz frequencies Nextel received as part of the 800 MHz re-banding proceeding, but didn't mention Nextel's obligation to relocate 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary service users. The news release did note that the FCC is requiring Sprint Nextel to fulfill their voluntary commitment to meet certain milestones for offering service in the 2.5 GHz BRS/EBS band.

The FCC released the Memorandum Opinion and Order approving the merger. A quick scan of this 103 page document showed one reference to the 2 GHz transition, noting, "Finally, the applicants assert that the merger would benefit public safety communications and state that the merged entity will comply with Nextel's obligations under the Commission's 800 MHz rebanding plan."

For broadcasters, it appears the Sprint Nextel merger will be a non-event, at least as far as the 2 GHz transition is concerned.