FCC Accepting Late Filings of ETRS Form One

WASHINGTON—Broadcasters who may not have met last week’s July 3 deadline for filing their ETRS Form One for the upcoming nationwide emergency alert system test are still able to file late, though the FCC’s ETRS team said in an email correspondence that any late filings “should be done right away.”

All EAS participants are required to renew their identifying information annually via the ETRS Form One, with a separate filing for each EAS decoder, encoder or units that combine decoder and encoder functions.

The nationwide EAS test is set for Aug. 7. On that day, participants will also be required to file ETRS Form Two, which covers day of test information, by 11:59 p.m. ET. ETRS Form Three, covering post test data will be due by Sept. 23. ETRS Forms Two and Three will become available at the time of the nationwide test.

Filers can access ETRS through the FCC website and must use their registered FCC username associated with the FCC registration numbers. Updates or corrections to the form can be performed 30 days after submission.