EyeTV Mobile meets iOS

This week Elgato, a company that specializes in making products that bring TV and computers closer together, has released a long-awaited accessory that turns iOS devices into Mobile DTV (ATSC A/153) receivers.

Known as EyeTV Mobile, the new accessory is a Dyle mobile TV-compatible tuner that connects directly to the dock connector of iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices, allowing them to receive and display OTA Mobile DTV.

First announced in June, the $99 EyeTV Mobile makes its appearance in the market just in time for the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With EyeTV Mobile and a free EyeTV Mobile companion app, iOS device owners living in 35 markets around the country can reach news, entertainment and sports television over the air from more than 90 Dyle TV stations as well as many other broadcasters transmitting ATSC A/153 signals.

The EyeTV Mobile system includes a miniature aerial (MCX), a rod aerial with magnetic base and removable suction cup, a printed quick start guide and a USB charging cable for use with the EyeTV Mobile battery. The EyeTV Mobile app provides access to a variety of functions, such as pause and resume, as well as an electronic program guide (EPG).

Elgato is making EyeTV Mobile available to consumers on its website, via Amazon and at retail locations. The app is available for no charge from the App Store.

Salil Dalvi and Erik Moreno, co-general managers of the Mobile Content Venture (MCV), said EyeTV Mobile will help to expand the reach of Dyle mobile TV to a greater number of consumers, who now can turn their smartphones and tablets into handheld TV sets.