ExH Announces Process for Broadbanding Existing TV Transmission Lines

ExH officially announced its B-BOp (Broad-Band Optimization) process for broadbanding existing rigid TV transmission lines. Most conventional rigid coaxial transmission line systems can only be used on certain channels because at other channels the reflections from the flanges, insulators and bullets in each section of line add, resulting in unacceptable VSWR performance. Different fixed line lengths are required for different groups of channels. The patent-pending B-BOp process adds short sections of line every third or fourth full-length line section to break up the reflections. The length and location of the inserted sections is calculated mathematically after the existing transmission line is measured. ExH says the cost of the B-BOp process is typically one-fifth to one-third the cost of replacing the transmission line.

More information is available at www.exh4rf.com. The web site includes a link to an analysis of a typical B-BOp installation.