EVS’ Xedio Flash used to cover Festival de Cannes

Introduced for the first time at the NAB last month, EVS’ integrated production package Xedio Flash was selected by KM Productions to cover the film festival on its dedicated channel TV Festival de Cannes running until May 22.

KM is the production company behind TV Festival de Cannes and the official channel of the film festival. Besides broadcasting opening and closing ceremonies, the production team is responsible for shooting and producing press conferences, celebrity interviews and red carpet walks. In addition to the 24-hour program feed of the TV Festival de Cannes, KM is providing all key sequences to worldwide broadcast and media communities.

Xedio Flash is an all-in-one news production package offering a plug-and-play toolkit for multiple fast turnaround production operations. Light to carry, the new system is designed to offer a complete newsroom setup.

For the workflow of TV Festival de Cannes, the news production package is combined with an XT[2] server, controlled by IPDirector for the 24/7 on-air channel playout. All feeds and material recorded on Xedio Flash’s one of two ingest channels and are immediately available in central storage.

The production is using five Xedio browsing stations to manage previews and rough cut editing operations before clips are transferred to one of several Avid stations for final editing. All recorded media is wrapped in an Avid-compatible format to facilitate the media exchange process.