EVS Announces Contract for 2012 London Games

LIEGE, BELGIUM: EVS said it scored “a major deal with the host broadcaster of next year’s major sporting event in London,” the location of the 2012 Summer Games.

The deal covers the equipment of the live and near-live production infrastructure for the event including camera and multiple feed recording, live replays, slow-mo and on-the-fly editing solutions, central media archive, advanced content management and media sharing workflow systems. The value of the agreement is similar to the project in Beijing three years ago, EVS said.

As part of the contract, EVS will deploy more than 300 multichannel- XT series servers, across the all venues controlled by the advanced LSM remote system for all slow-motion, super-slow and ultra-slow motion replays over the two weeks of competitions. Additionally, based on the EVS servers unique hybrid networking operation system, all live recorded content will be fully controlled using IPDirector suites for quick highlight editing, first level logging, and fast turnaround media exchange with the IBC production teams.

The broadcast center will see the installation of the new generation of media server, an online archive and media sharing solution enabling the host broadcaster production teams as well as broadcast right holders to access all broadcast feeds and complementary camera feeds coming from the different venues, as well as dedicated highlight packages and clips. The media server will be composed of 12 XT3 servers dedicated to live feeds recording, and a live-centric near-line storage server based on EVS SStoreSAN technology offering more than 360 Tb and enabling browse and exchange of more than 5,600 hours of HD content. To optimize media handling operations from any remote location, the Host Broadcaster will introduce the new web- browsing interface of EVS, IP Web-browser allowing production teams to review and select media hosted on the central server--based on auto generated proxy files--through the web.