Europe: NXP Pulls 'Switch' on DTV/Analog Chip

NXP (formerly known as Philips Semiconductors) said it has invented a semiconductor chip set that permits HD LCD sets to automatically switch between analog and digital signals, and will build the chip into TV reference designs that manufacturers may begin using in January.

The two reference designs include Nexperia TV520/32 for DVB/PAL and Nexperia TV507 for analog units, according to the company headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Both reference designs are based on one global silicon platform that enables TV manufacturers to develop hybrid digital/analog LCD TV sets.

NXP said it is now able to offer one hybrid platform for all regions worldwide. The TV507 design is based on the same platform and has an analog-only version, enabling users to spin off an analog-only product from the same platform investment. The TV520 platform will allow product development, and bringing it to market, in as little as three months, NXP said.

NXP's chip production is currently being subcontracted to undisclosed manufacturers at various fabrication facilities in Taiwan.