ESPN, NFL Call for White Space Field Tests at Redskins, Ravens Games

ESPN and the NFL, concerned about interference to wireless mics from potential devices that would operate in DTV white spaces, has once again invited the FCC to conduct field tests “under real-world conditions” at NFL games this fall.

Mic maker Shure Inc. asked the commission last fall to conduct field tests at the end of last season, but time ran out.

“ESPN’s use of wireless microphones is not a convenience but a necessity to bring the sounds of the event to viewers,” ESPN and the NFL told the FCC Thursday. “The evolution of wireless technology has finally allowed for placement of microphones previously occupied by wishful thinking.”

ESPN and the NFL said there were many possible dates and venues among the scheduled games, and singled out the homes of the Baltimore Ravens (M&T Bank Stadium) and the Washington Redskins (FedEx Field in Landover, Md.)

NFL preseason games start Aug. 7.