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Enco Automates Closed Captioning for PEG Channels in Chesapeake

SOUTHFIELD, MICH.—WCTV and WCPS, public, educational and government (PEG) channels in Chesapeake, Va., are going live with their closed captioning capabilities with the help of Enco’s enCaption3R3 system.

The enCaption3R3 system is designed to deliver captioning in near-real-time and near total accuracy. The system also has the ability to learn the correct spellings of unique words, including local streets, landmarks and names of local leaders.

WCTV covers local government events, while WCPS handles local school board coverage and other related school activities. The enCaption3R3 is being utilized wherever local government or school board meetings are held, like broadcast studios, City Hall, the School Administration building and the Chesapeake Conference Center.

The stations use a Blackmagic Design 40x40 house router to move audio sources into or out of the enCaption device, thus sending a live audio feed with the caption data/text through a serial connection to an Evertz HD9804 closed captioning encoder. The encoder marries the video, embedded audio and caption text data to send to an automation system for SDTV broadcast.

With the addition of the enCaption3R3 system, two out of three of Chesapeake’s PEG channels have live closed captioning capabilities.