Elber unveils the PCL series portable microwave link

Elber has unveiled a new series of frequency agile portable microwave radios designed for operation on the 2GHz, 7GHz and 10GHz bands.

The PCL series is composed of the T02 (2GHz), T07 (7GHz) and T10 (10GHz) transmitting heads and their complementary R02, RO7 and R10 receiving heads and F02, F07 and F10 feeders.

The PCL series also comes with a sturdy tripod with a panoramic head, 60cm diameter parabolic dish and carrying case. Fully waterproof, the PCL series transmitting head can accept two audio channels and one video channel. An LCD on the transmitting head displays operating channel and frequency, output power, video and audio input levels and lock alarm.

For more information, please visit www.elber.it

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